Interstitial for CITV showcasing people throughout history who achieved a great deal. I developed the idea for this interstitial, wrote the script, drew up a storyboard, and directed the animation. 

A short film I made for the "Mini Adventures" series of preschool (Mini Citv) interstitials. I conceived of the idea myself, of a child going with a parent to choose a Christmas tree. I wrote the script, drew the storyboard, auditioned and cast the children, scouted the locations, directed the shoot, and managed the edit. It was a very well received little film, and filled a seasonal niche in Citv's preschool presentation line-up.

As part of a CITV competition, one child went behind the scenes of Tiger Aspect's acclaimed Mr Bean: The Animated Series. I produced and directed this special report, which was broadcast on the CITV Channel as well as made available on the CITV website. 

A special online video made as part of CITV's Thunderbirds Are Go launch campaign. We attended a special BFI premiere screening of the first couple of episodes. The whole cast were there, but we were asked to focus on the children in the audience: what did they think of the new Thunderbirds?
A special report for the CITV series "Matt Hatter Chronicles", which premiered at a West End cinema. Our presenters, Tilly and Noah, interviewed the audience and got early reactions on upcoming episodes. This was part of the "CITV Exclusives" strand of factual-entertainment videos, which were only available on the CITV website.

One of the Summer Showdown videos I made for Sony’s Pop channel. These were online-only videos unlocked via the Pop app. For Pokemon, I was asked to focus on Pikachu specifically, and thought it a great opportunity to cut a fun, fast piece about him battling the baddies.

One of the Summer Showdown videos I made for Sony’s Pop channel. These were online-only videos unlocked via the Pop app. For Power Rangers, I was asked to focus on their wacky and OTT enemies. It was fun to do more of a “listicle” than a conventional promo.

An interview with Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon, conducted as part of the Share a Story campaign in 2015. The intention here was to offer advice to children wishing to enter the competition. 

An episode of the entertainment news feature WHAM that I produced in the late 2000s for CITV.

These info-bursts, modelled after classic show Movies, Games, & Videos, were fun to produce. I researched all the news, helped come up the with the style and look, and wrote and directed them on a weekly basis.

Part of a series of interview interstitials I produced for CITV, where a group of kids interviewed rock band/TV stars The Aquabats. Their show, on CITV, is wacky and wild and features lots of cool music, so I wanted to highlight this with an interview conducted in an irreverent style, with lots of frantic editing and fast-paced clips.

Behind-the-scenes documentary programme following the 2014 Share a Story competition on CITV. Written, produced, and directed by me. Broadcast on CITV and ITV in winter 2014. ITV hold the copyright to this programme. Details of the other broadcast programming I made for Share a Story can be found on my IMDb page.

One of the many Share a Story films I worked on at CITV. This one in particular was animated by CharacterShop and serves to represent the whole series.

As well as leading the promotional side of Share a Story, I was also script editor and writer, adapting stories written by children into animation scripts. I often directed the VO and worked very closely with the children involved.

As part of the preschool "Mini Jobs" strand, this short follows three children as they visit a farm, finding out about the animals. It was a fun shoot, which had to be very meticulously planned as we had to capture a lot in a short space of time (the demands of working with kids!). The kids were great, and the location - Stockley Farm in Lancashire - was fantastic.
The second of two CITV preschool films following the adventures of three children on a working farm. This film focuses on crops and vegetables. The shoot was actually carried out across two days in around March and September, to give the seeds planted by the children time to grow.